Developers Are 🕺 Rockstars! 🎤🎤

Being a successful developer is not a day story. It is different from a lot of white collar jobs because you do not learn the real deal in a school or university -- at least not in West Africa.

I have had the opportunity to meet a few Webstars (as I call them) as well as some musicians and even footballers -- my finding is that they are not any different.

Let's look at their similarities.

Webstars Vs Rockstars.

A Rockstar may hold a concert and have lots of fans that love and want to see him/her right? We also have developer meet-ups.

While your Rockstar may thrill you with a great song you may have heard like a million times, a Devstar will teach you some coding best practice along with why and how they apply.

The TV may belong to the Rockstars, but do you not spend even more time on the internet?

While great music can come from an inner-room, dorm-room or garage, Facebook and Google were born in those places.

I could go on an on, but you get the basic idea.

I'd rather be in a meet-up with Mark Zuckerberg than be in Micheal Jacksons concert.

Developers Are 🕺 Rockstars! 🎤🎤
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