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My Journey into React

Angular has been my best friend in the last couple of years. The learning curve was crazy when I first started in 2010, and then the shift from AngularJS to Angular almost broke me. I'm sure a lot of you already know what I mean, but for the newbies, migrating from AngularJS to Angular (or Angular v2) was anything but easy for the lovers of AngularJS - everything changed.

After exploring the excellent framework from the exceptional world-class software developers at Google, I fell in love and went to the altar with Angular2. After that, it was hard not to find me at developer meetups ranting about the beauty of Angular and how it would change the world. It became even more intense when I could quickly build genuinely cross-platform applications on mobile, web and Desktop among others using the same skillset I possessed - I litrally became a superhero.

A few weeks ago, I met Chiamaka who was finally able to convince me to try React. She told me how amazing React handles the V in MVC or VM whatever. She also gushed about the creators decided to focus on the view (V) in MVC and how well they solve the frontend problems.

Fast-forward to today, I'm now trying to get my hands dirty and decided to start a continuous blog-post with my challenges, courses I'll take, lessons learned and links to tutorial videos and resources for newbies, polls and debates.

See you soon.

My Journey into React
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